What is Vending Like A Boss?

Vending Like A Boss is your ultimate destination for launching and expanding your mobile food business. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced foodpreneur aiming for business growth, we provide courses, coaching, newsletters, and an exclusive private membership community. Our core purpose revolves around fostering a network in the food vending industry, with a primary focus on providing resources and accelerating business growth.

What is the difference between the membership and the self-led course?

The "Vending Like A Boss" course is a comprehensive program designed to help you master the art of mobile food vending success. It covers everything from choosing your business name, creating your menu, incorporating your business legally, finding profitable events, managing inventory, customer service, scaling your mobile food vending business, and MORE!

The membership also includes the course but is a growing exclusive membership where you have access to an engaged active group sharing tips, inspiration, and success stories. Monthly live workshop masterclasses, exclusive perks like vacation giveaways, pay it forward booth rentals, social media marketing material, etc. The membership also includes financial & marketing speaker series & education, monthly Q&A sessions, weekly members-only newsletter, a specific channel for vegan food vendors & foodprenuers, & exclusive access to prime food vending events meticulously scouted & connected for you.

What is included in the membership?

“The VLAB 7” are the seven core pillars through which we view our member benefits: 

1) Exclusive Local Vending Events: Maximize exposure with exclusive access to scouted food vending events, allowing you to showcase your signature dishes in the best locations in your area.

2) Community: Connect and thrive in an engaged community where members share tips, inspiration, and success stories, fostering a vibrant network of like-minded mobile food entrepreneurs.

3)Workshops: Elevate your skills through monthly live workshops hosted by Nay, gaining invaluable insights to enhance and grow your mobile food business.

4) Exclusive Perks: Enjoy unique perks such as vacation giveaways, pay-it-forward booth rentals, and personalized social media marketing materials, tailored to elevate your business.

5) Guest Speaker Series: Access industry experts through unique workshops, gaining insights across various topics crucial for your mobile food business success.

6) Members-Only Newsletter: Stay ahead with our weekly newsletter, delivering industry updates, trends, and strategies directly to you, keeping you informed and prepared for growth.

7) Digital Course: Master the art of mobile food vending with a comprehensive digital course featuring 50+ lessons, including training videos and worksheets, guiding you to a consistent five-figure monthly income.

What are the requirements for 'VLAB' membership?

Vending Like A Boss is currently open to aspiring and established mobile foodpreneurs only. You must be in the process of launching or scaling a mobile food business. Engagement is a must in our community and members are encouraged to actively participate for growth. To qualify for exclusive perks, members must share their business name, location, and actively showcase who they are within the community.

How do I️ join and what is the vetting process?

Anyone can feel free to join here.

After you join our exclusive membership we will have questions regarding your application so that we can learn more about you to be sure you are a great fit for the community.

Do you help with permits, business licensing, & incorporating my business?

Yes! In both out 'VLAB' Course & Membership offerings we walk through step by step on getting your paperwork in order to successfully operate your food business without any stress or worry.

I'm struggling to find consistent events to showcase my dishes, is that something you all do?

Yes! We got you covered. In our exclusive membership we maximize exposure with exclusive access to scouted food vending events in your state and surrounding states, allowing you to showcase your signature dishes in the best locations in your area.

Do you help with finding & securing an affordable commissary kitchen?

Yes, in the workbook and worksheets provided in the 'VLAB' course, we help you find a budget friendly kitchen to start and grow your mobile food business.

I'm uncertain about which signature dish to feature on my menu, do you help with menu ideas?

Yes, in our 'VLAB' Course we have an entire station & worksheets dedicated to discovering your 'Culture Uniqueness' which will help determine what you should be selling on your menu. We also show you how to minimize risk by focusing on a core signature dish for low cost, high profits!

What are VLAB core values?

We’re glad you asked! We have four C.O.R.E. values:

1) Collaboration: We value teamwork, fostering an environment where members collaborate for greater success, encouraging creativity.

2) Open-mindedness: Embracing diverse perspectives, we cultivate an open-minded approach, creating an inclusive atmosphere for various ideas.

3) Respect: Respect is foundational, fostering a positive space where everyone feels heard and appreciated.

4) Excellence: Committed to achieving the highest standards, we empower members for excellence in every aspect of mobile food entrepreneurship.

Believe you're a fit for our private community?

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