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About Us

Vending Like A Boss co-founders Nay Nicole and Alexander have not only successfully built and scaled their mobile food business to six figures annually but have also made an undeniable impact in the food industry. Their journey began in 2017 with Rooted Delights, a plant-based brand originating from a Baltimore food truck. Pioneering the industry, they introduced the FIRST oat milk cheese wheels, available in multiple grocers and restaurants along the North East Coast.

Expanding into mobile food vending, their 'Loaded Rooted Nachos' became a household name and sensation in the North East Coast division. Winning pitch competitions with renowned figures like Chamillionaire and E-40, where thousands of small businesses pitched their brands, Nay and Alexander earned the esteemed title of the top mobile food vendor through popular acclaim.

With over 9 years of expertise in food trucks, fine dining, product development, and business scaling, their proven track record showcases they aren't new to this; they are true to this. The innovative brand consistently earns features and recognition in multiple magazines and outlets, solidifying their influence in the industry. Nay and Alexander, seasoned culinary entrepreneurs, are excited to share their knowledge and help other foodpreneurs grow and scale their mobile food businesses.

Mission & Core Values

Vending Like A Boss is committed to creating a thriving community for mobile food entrepreneurs through our C.O.R.E. Values – emphasizing Collaboration, Open-mindedness, Respect, and Excellence. These values are integral to the vibrant atmosphere within our community.

Prior to joining Vending Like A Boss, each member pledges to uphold these core values, ensuring a collaborative and supportive space for all.

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