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Vending Like A Boss is a carefully curated membership community for individuals looking to launch and scale their mobile food businesses to six-figure success.

Is This You?

  • Are you ready to start your journey as a mobile food vendor but not sure where to start?

  • Ready to transform your passion into a lifestyle on a budget?

  • Uncertain about the zoning and permits required to launch and run your food business?

  • Struggling to find consistent events to showcase your dishes?

  • Looking for insights on securing an affordable commissary kitchen?

  • Uncertain about which signature dish to feature on your menu?

  • Seeking assistance in identifying your ideal customers and effectively targeting them?

Running A Mobile Food Business Isn’t For The Weak.

Embarking on a mobile food business journey can be isolating, facing overwhelming decisions with imperfect information. At 'Vending Like A Boss,' we recognize the transformative power of community. Whether navigating the streets of New York or the food scene in San Francisco, finding your tribe can be daunting.

Yet, once you discover your tribe, everything changes.

That's where 'Vending Like A Boss' comes in.

Discover 'Vending Like A Boss,' where members gain instant access to a supportive community of fellow mobile foodpreneurs. Our members consistently describe it as 'life-changing.' Join us and transform your mobile food business with the power of community.

Member Benefits

The 'VLAB'


Exclusive Local Vending Events

Maximize exposure with exclusive access to scouted food vending events, allowing you to showcase your signature dishes in the best locations in your area.


Connect and thrive in an engaged community where members share tips, inspiration, and success stories, fostering a vibrant network of like-minded mobile food entrepreneurs.


Elevate your skills through monthly live workshops hosted by Nay, gaining invaluable insights to enhance and grow your mobile food business.

Exclusive Perks

Enjoy unique perks such as vacation giveaways, pay-it-forward booth rentals, and personalized social media marketing materials, tailored to elevate your business.

Guest Speaker Series

Access industry experts through unique workshops, gaining insights across various topics crucial for your mobile food business success.

Members-Only Newsletter

Stay ahead with our weekly newsletter, delivering industry updates, trends, and strategies directly to you, keeping you informed and prepared for growth.

Digital Course

Master the art of mobile food vending with a comprehensive digital course featuring 50+ lessons, including training videos and worksheets, guiding you to a consistent five-figure monthly income.

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Is 'Vending Like A Boss' Membership the right fit for you?

Our community is for those diving into the world of mobile food or already rocking it with a food business. No revenue minimums, but we're all about full engagement – you've got to vibe with the community. Every applicant undergoes a cool vetting process to ensure a match.

'Vending Like A Boss' is an exclusive space for founders and CEOs passionate about growth, community, and dope collaborations. We keep it tight-knit and limit spots for those ready to hustle, connect, and slay in the mobile food game.

Think you're a fit?

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VLAB Course

Not ready for the full community membership experience yet? No worries!

Learn more about the 'Vending Like A Boss' self-led course—a solo journey with 50+ lessons, training videos, and worksheets to guide you to a consistent five-figure monthly income.

Check out our FREE training today and kickstart your path to mobile food business success on your terms!

Vending Like A Boss Course

Master food vending with 'Vending Like a Boss.' Expert-led learning to help you start your food business journey from start to finish. Find out more about our free training & curriculum by clicking 'Find Out More' below.

Premium Newsletter

Not ready for the exclusive membership or self-led course? No worries!

Stay up-to-date on what's happening in the food industry without any long term commitments.

Join our monthly newsletter 'Let Them Cook' for exclusive food vending events in your state, updates to permits, community gatherings & so much more all delivered directly to your inbox.

  • Receive timely updates on permits and licenses relevant to the industry.

  • Stay informed about regulatory changes to ensure compliance effortlessly

  • Explore a curated calendar of events happening in your city.

  • Get insider insights into must-attend gatherings, festivals, and community happenings

  • Access exclusive giveaways and contests for our premium subscribers.

  • Gain early access to sponsorship opportunities to elevate your brand visibility

  • Dive into a wealth of additional content, including industry trends, expert insights, and insider tips.



One-Time Payment


  • VLAB course: 50 + lessons to complete

  • Workbook, worksheets, video training & templates

  • Newsletter

Exclusive Membership



  • VLAB course: 50+ lessons of complete including training videos and worksheets

  • Exclusive access to prime food vending events scouted for you

  • Community: engaged active group sharing tips, inspiration, and success stories

  • Monthly live workshop masterclasses

  • Monthly Q&A sessions

  • Exclusive Perks: vacation giveaways, pay it forward booth rentals, social media marketing material, plus more!

  • Guest Speaker Series

  • Specific channel for vegan food vendors & foodprenuers

  • Members-Only Newsletter




  • Explore a curated calendar of city events and gatherings.

  • Receive timely updates on industry permits and licenses.

  • Stay informed about regulatory changes for seamless compliance.

  • Access exclusive giveaways, contests, and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Gain insights into industry trends, expert advice, and insider tips.

Hear From Our Members

"Vending Like A Boss has been a game-changer for my mobile food business. The real-world advice and support from the community have been instrumental in scaling my operations, and the exclusive perks are more than just perks—they're opportunities you won't find anywhere else."

Elena M.

VLAB Member

"Being a part of Vending Like A Boss feels like having an extended family in the food industry. The insights and resources shared within the community have genuinely transformed the way I approach my business. I can't imagine navigating this journey without the support and connections I've gained here."

Sean Bennett

VLAB Member

"Joining Vending Like A Boss was a turning point for my food venture. The mentorship and community support have given me confidence and insights that go beyond what I expected. The access to prime events and genuine camaraderie make this community an indispensable asset for anyone serious about their food business."

Korina Patel

VLAB Member

Got Questions?

We've got answers! Welcome to our 'Got Questions' space—your go-to for clarity, guidance, or just a friendly chat. Our expert team is ready to unravel complexities and provide the insights you're looking for. No question is too big or small.

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